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We provide a secure Spreadsheet-based Timesheet calculator that reflects the dynamics of the 2023 PACT-BECTU agreement.



The Timesheet is fully customisable and can be aimed at individual or team users.

Final output for approval can be the Spreadsheet itself or PDF for onward review, approval, electronic signature and archiving.

Calculation cells are Secured and Tamper-proof with Crew inputting minimal information into key cells (yellow in this example).



Unit Call and Wrap Times are compared to Actual Time In and Time Out in order to calculate Overtime or Enhanced Overtime.



Prior day Time Out is used to calculate Broken Turnaround.    Early Call and Nightwork are also output.

All penalties and overtime for are rounded up in 15 Minute Increments for each particular day.



Layout and format is Customisable with space for Approval,  Journal Coding, Quantifying.



If this fits your needs, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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